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FDA aprueba el uso de energía magnética

La U.S. Food and Drug Administration (E.U.) basada en estudios toxicológicos, ha declarado oficialmente que la aplicación de energía magnética no tiene ningún riesgo para la salud. Desde 1978, la FDA acepta la utilización de aparatos electromagnéticos para atenuar los dolores, en especial los causados por fracturas.

(Les presento extractos del reporte de Boyce N. Berkel, M.D)
This report is written by Boyce N. Berkel, M.D. It was condensed and adapted by permission from Dr. William H. Philpotts book "Critical Review of Currently Practiced Magnetic Therapy." Dr. Philpott is currently doing FDA approved research in Magnetic Therapy, and is taking applications.

Introduction to Magnetic Therapy

We are all concerned about our health, or at least we should be. Waiting until we get sick to act, is like waiting until we get hungry to plant the corn. The beauty of Magnetic Therapy is that it meets the needs of both groups. It can be used to maintain health, as well as prevent or reverse health problems. Now, how can this be?

Understanding how your body works at the basic level (cellular - tissue - organ - systemic), will help you understand how Magnetic Therapy plays this dual role so well. Your body functions at peak efficiency, only when all levels (cellular - tissue - organ - systemic), are constantly maintained in an alkaline state, as well as a state of high oxygenation - (alkaline/high oxygen).

Conversely, all reactions of injury, pain or illness produce an acid, low oxygen state in those tissues in which the injury, pain or illness is being manifested. Exposure to negative pole magnets, maintain the alkaline/high oxygen state in tissues where this already exists, and in areas of injury, pain or illness, reverses the acid/low oxygen state of the tissues to an alkaline/ high oxygen state. You may be asking yourself, what conditions in the body produce this acid/low oxygen state?

Well, there are several, and they cause acute maladaptive reactions. They are:

1) Immune system reactions.
2) Deficiency of certain import and enzymes.
3) Conditions that inhibit the actions of these important enzymes.
4) Addictive reactions to foods and other substances.
5) reactions to toxins. All of these acute maladaptive reactions have a common denominator, producing an immediate acid/low oxygen state.

Years of research has shown conclusively that chronic degenerative diseases such arthritis, diabetes, cancer and others, are also associated with the same acid/low oxygen state as the acute maladaptive reactions. In other words, chronic degenerative diseases are observed to have the same metabolic disorder as acute maladaptive reactions, except these reactions have extended over time. It is easy to see then, how maintaining your health, and preventing and reversing chronic degenerative diseases, have the same source. That is, maintaining an alkaline/high oxygen state.

Exposure to a negative magnetic field produces an alkaline/high oxygen state in your body, and is essential in helping you maintain your health, reverse acute maladaptive reactions, and prevent and reverse chronic degenerative diseases. But how can you do this? You need to develop a negative magnetic field exposure program to help you maintain your optimum alkaline/high oxygen state. You can do this quite easily by sleeping on a magnetic bed, with magnets at the crown of your head while you sleep. Also, any symptoms you develop, no matter how minor, should be exposed to a negative magnetic field.

Of course you will want to check with your health practitioner to determine the cause of the symptoms. Since maladaptive reactions to foods are a major cause of symptoms that over time progress to chronic degenerative diseases, in this series we will show how the dual approach of negative magnetic field exposure and following a 4-Day Diversified Rotation Diet, can play a major role not only in helping you maintain your health, but also reversing the degenerative diseases of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, vascular diseases and others.

We will also show how this dual approach can help manage major mental diseases, addictions, and reverse the aging process. You will also find out how Magnetic Therapy can not only relieve your pain, but increase your energy, help you get sound - energy restoring sleep, and improve the quality of your life.

What Can You Do To Preserve And Increase Energy?

In addition to proper sleep, exercise, and proper diet and nutrition, the application of negative magnetic energy plays a significant role in maintaining optimum energy. Negative magnetic energy combats internal stresses and external influences. With sufficient negative magnetic field exposure, the battle for energy and health can be won. When your body is overstressed with positive magnetic energy attackers, externally applied negative magnetic energy will provide support. You should consider magnetic application not only as a preventive therapy, but also as a therapeutic modality for relieving symptoms and illnesses.

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